Schedule Pick Up

Students may stop by Putnam Academy of Arts and Sciences to get their class schedule and meet their teachers on Thursday, August 8 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We are ready for another great school year!

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Locations

Morning drop off is now located on the south side (Kennedy Street) of the building. Students will exit vehicles and walk along the front sidewalk to enter through the main school entrance. Afternoon pick up is still located in the rear of the building. Parents will...

Metal Detector

To enhance safety measures, a metal detector has been installed at the main school entrance. Every person (employees, students, visitors, etc.) will now enter campus by passing through the metal detector.

Cell Phones

Student must turn in their cell phones at the beginning of each class period. Each time a student fails to turn in his/her cell phone and we confiscate it, we will require a responsible adult to pick the device up from the school office.


If a student gets into one fight, we will schedule a tribunal hearing to determine continued enrollment at Putnam Academy of Arts and Sciences. (Note: We take self-defense into consideration, but acts of antagonizing others, creating drama, spreading gossip, and...