PAAS Academics

Our curriculum adheres to state standards in all subjects, including the core areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. We also offer instruction in art, music, agriculture, and physical education. For more information about state standards and assessments, please follow the links under Academic Resources.

Core Academics

Every PAAS student must complete (and pass) the following core classes for promotion from middle school to high school.

English/Language Arts

Students will complete three middle school or higher courses in English. These courses emphasize literature, composition, and technical text.


Students will complete three middle school or higher courses in mathematics. We offer at least one high school level mathematics course for which students may earn high school credit. To earn high school credit for an Algebra I course, a middle school student must pass the Algebra I end-of-course assessment. To earn high school credit for a geometry course, a middle school student must pass the geometry end-of-course assessment.

Social Studies

Students will complete three middle school or higher courses in social studies, one semester of which must includes the study of state and federal government and civics education. One of these courses must be at least a one-semester civics education course that a student successfully completes in accordance with s.1008.22(3)(c) and that includes the roles and responsibilities of federal, state, and local governments; the structures and functions of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government; and the meaning and significance of historic documents, such as the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.


Students will complete three middle school or higher courses in science. To earn high school credit for a Biology I course, a middle school student must pass the Biology I end-of-course assessment.


Homework is a vital part of a student’s educational career. At Putnam Academy, homework serves as an important link between home and school and keeps parents/guardians informed by reinforcing and extending school learning, experiences, and interests. Homework, which is defined as at-home assignments, studying, and/or projects performed by the student, will be assigned, monitored, and measured using the following procedures:

  • Morning Study Hall (1st 30 minutes of each day) will be used for homework completion.
  • Students with IEP’s/504’s will only be required to complete half (i.e. – all odds or all evens) of homework assignments.
  • Algebra students will be required to take an algebra support class, during which students will receive help with algebra homework.
  • All homework will be meaningful and for practice purposes only. Assignments should take 15 minutes or less to complete, with special consideration being given to IEP/504 students.
  • Teachers will review/grade homework to identify problem areas for remediation.
  • Lunch will be extended to allow time for homework assistance for students who are tardy to school, need additional help, and/or cannot stay for after school tutoring.
  • All teachers will develop a syllabus, with consistent school-wide homework rules and procedures, to be signed by teacher, parent, and students.
  • Teachers will award homework passes as incentives, but no more than two passes should be awarded each 9-week grading period.
  • Homework assignments must be completed during the 9-week grading period in which assignment was issued.
  • Homework deadline will be last day of the grading period.
  • Consistent student noncompliance with homework assignments will result in a mandatory parent-teacher conference.
  • Teachers will develop a homework calendar sheet for students to keep in front of their binders at all times.
  • Homework will count no more than 10% of a student’s grade.
  • Teachers will have no more than 10 homework grades per 9-week grading period.
  • The minimum grade issued for homework assignments cannot be less than 59.